have been my primary staple for the past 36 hours. The peanut butter is only there as an easily digestible source of protein since I’m “in a way,” as a Deadwood character might quip. No, not that way. The other way which indicates that I’m not “in a way.” Fun stuff. Anyhoo. In an attempt to crawl out of my body and make my brain work this morning, I was watching “My Drunk Kitchen.” My friend over at Go Frank Go designed and submitted a logo for the YouTube series, so I thought I’d check it out.

Chica is hilarious. Her episode on baking is especially funny. Actually, my mom might tell you that this is what happens when I bake. I beg to differ. My cookies always turn out. However, Ms. Hart and I share the same sentiments about the oven arts.

“Nothing about cookies is fun!”