Have you ever noticed how certain recipes invariably leave you with an excess of one or two random ingredients? Hot dogs are the best example. Unless you buy 56 – 7 packs of hot dogs, 8 packs of buns – you’ll never have a 1:1 ratio of encased meat to bread. The average private citizen does not and should not eat that many hotdogs. Mojitos vex me in a similar way. Regardless of any careful planning, I always end up with a bunch of leftover rum and limes. Given the state of our household “bar,” we usually don’t have any other mixers. What to do when a person might want a cocktail along with her Joseph Heller the next evening? Certainly not walk to the grocery store for seltzer and mint.

Enter the no-jito. Much like ghetto garlic bread (hotdog bun toasted in the broiler with butter and garlic salt), the no-jito effectively dispatches the remainder of the limes, if not the rest of the rum. However, the recipe does assume you have sugar in your pantry. Even if you usually don’t, you’ve certainly bought some to make mojitos and didn’t use the entire 5 lb. bag the night before.

Get thee:

Half a lime, cut into quarters
White rum
A spoonful of sugar (it makes the medicine go down, after all)

Assemble these much like you would a mojito. Add sugar. Squeeze the lime quarters. Cast the spent wedges into the glass. Throw one 2 oz. shot of white rum in there. Stir. Fill glass with ice. Add water. Stir. Adjust lime and sugar according to taste since the no-jito can be a little…harsh. Think to yourself that you’ve just made a lime cooler, which is very fancy indeed.

(Ed note: Upon reflection, the narrator realizes that many recent posts have been about cocktails. We’re still eating, but not necessarily cooking a whole lot. It’s hot. We’re pathologically lazy on the weekends. Take-out is a very seductive solution.)