I’m going to depart from the usual rants and musings about food and use this space for some PR since more questions have been popping up lately. Careful readers with good retention may have noted that I casually dropped the word “engaged” in the Ai Sushi post from February. They would be correct to assume that I meant “engaged” in the “period of time before a wedding” sense. Yes, we’re getting married. More importantly, we’re eloping.

The initial plan was to fuck off to Europe – Berlin, Prague, or Paris – and have our nuptials officiated in another language, then tell everyone once we got back. As it turns out, it’s prohibitively expensive, as well as administratively Kafka-esque, for two American civilians to marry each other in Europe. We ditched that plan in favor of a quick legal ceremony here followed by a honeymoon in our location of choice. We were still going to keep a lid on it, but once Jeff gave me the ring, I couldn’t help but blab to the known universe. I get chatty when plied with jewelry and good scotch.

So, with that – On October 28th, we’re dressing up a bit and absconding to an undisclosed location in Chicago. Our friend, Maggie, is officiating the act. Our witnesses will probably be two people in our immediate surroundings who agree to do it. We’ll go to dinner at another undisclosed location. Then we’ll have cake, also supplied by Maggie. Sometime after that, we’re going to Paris for a honeymoon.

We aren’t eloping because we hate our families or our friends. We’re eloping because it reflects the nature of our relationship; private, romantic, impulsive. Plus, we’ve both been married in more traditional ceremonies before. The ceremony itself has nothing to do with the success of the relationship. Who would pay for it anyway? Our families can’t afford it (looking at you, job market) and neither can we. And speaking of money and weddings, we don’t expect gifts. We aren’t registered anywhere. If someone insists on commemorating the event with a present, then we only want one thing – your support of our decision to elope. Just be happy for us that we finally got together after 15 years. It’s not a personal slight.

Or, if you really, really, absolutely won’t take “no” for an answer, some good vanilla beans.