Hello again.

After a bit of an absence, I’m pleased to announce that the entirety of myself, the Gentleman Scholar, Basil, and our worldly possessions survived the trip from Chicago, IL to Corvallis, OR. It’s been a long schelp that started with the closing of my Rogers Park bachelorette pad in October and ended in a flurry of boxes and bewilderment last Monday. In between was a month long lull in Evanston followed by five days on the road with a cat and whatever the moving company wouldn’t ship. The latter is officially on my list of bat shit insane things to do.

In that month, my kitchen was packed up and we had a farewell tour of restaurants. We visited the usual suspects – The Cellar, La Boulangerie, Sabri Nihari (twice), Taco Diablo. We even made a “wish I had met you sooner” friend with Bistro Bordeaux, which, by the way, has an excellent oysters in the half shell happy hour special on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. (Get yourself there, Chicagoans. No ptomaine poisoning at this joint.) I even became a Bennison’s regular in the short time I lived across the street from it. Then we hit the road.

I wish I had great food adventures to report from those five days. However, we had certain constraints. Namely, the aforementioned cat who was cooped up in his carrier for 8 1/2 – 10 hours a day as we plowed our way across the US in a Dodge Grand Caravan. Stops were quick and functional so as to get him to the hotel and out of the box faster. Side of the road fry bread joints whizzed past us in New Mexico. Tamale and Day of the Dead figurine joints in Arizona. Wineries with free olive and cheese tastings through California. We didn’t even stop at In’n’Out Burger. Alas. We had a purpose and Sonic would have to do. Needless to say, our stomachs were thrashed and there will be a juice cleanse in the very near future.

Now that we’re settled again, I’ll be updating on a more regular basis. Next up will be a few Corvallis restaurant finds and the Gentleman Scholar’s chicken dopiaza recipe. Thanks for hanging in there!