Basil – ready to GTF out of town.

Is it still “great” if there is a second one?

We left Chicago for a life on the west coast in late November 2013. I counted that drive – five ten-hour days as the sole driver and avec un chat – as one of the most bat shit insane things I’ve ever done. Unfortunately, the Western Lands are not our forever home. After three and a half years, we never entirely fit in to the idyllic whitopia of the Willamette Valley. The weather in Oregon is also horrible, as hard as that may be for some to believe. So it was that we undertook a second migration; coast to coast, avec deux chats, and I remained the sole driver. No one is ever allowed to comment on my driving ever again.

Professor X and I learn from our mistakes. Unlike last time, our days were no more than six and a half Google hours. We stopped every two hours. Snacks were a reasonable selection of dried fruit, almonds, whole-wheat crackers, and sweet things. We ate breakfast every morning. The cats lounged in upgraded carriers with cooling pads. Daily doses of gabapentin calmed their nerves. Before we knew it, we were in New Jersey.


Minerva – Little Miss Ride-or-Die – in our new apartment

What have we done here so far? Gorged on the buffet that is civilization.

Contrary to popular culture’s idea of the state, as well as my own, New Jersey has just about everything under the sun if you’re willing/able to drive. Our particular location seems to be about 20 minutes in any direction from all those things. Locally, we have a peculiar number of Peruvian restaurants, as well as a notable Caribbean influence among the other dining options. New York City – known around here as “The City” – is also a short train ride away should we require its services. We’ll probably get there once a month, maybe every other once the semester starts.

In other news, my kitchen is huge. The oven temperature is consistent and correct. There’s more work space than we know what to do with. It even has a pantry!

Perhaps posting will be more consistent in the future. Maybe I’ll be too busy. We’ll see.